Wonder Woman

My biggest recent project: Wonder Woman, cosplay-style. Materials used: EVA foam, Worbla, silicone caulk, acrylics. November 2019.

Finished product Worbla bracers
With Superman Worbla eagle being painted
Bodice after smoothing and texturing Making foam base for Worbla pieces

Moosehorn fern mount

A moosehorn fern (Platycerium superbum) mounted on live-edge cedar. 24”x24”. Required some minor woodworking. September 2019.


Toothless (dragon) costume, from the movie “How to Train Your Dragon”. Sadly I don’t have a picture of the finished product or the adorable dragon face. Made from stretchy vinyl, with articulated wings, stuffed spines, and a hood. Designed to be pinned to an existing outfit. October 2017.

Back spines, wings, and tail Making channels on the wings for wiring

Penguin bathrobes

Penguin bathrobes. Made of a ridiculously soft plush cotton terry. March 2017.

Crested gecko enclosure

Cage for my crested gecko. 36” x 30” x 28”. Made from acrylic plexiglass, hardware cloth, magnets, and a lot of wire. Very janky, but it worked quite well for 3+ years (until the rust set in). September 2015.

Finished and furnished Gecko resident, shedding