I’ve spent several months trying to understand climate change and the current state of mitigation strategies. These are some resources that I’ve found helpful.

Staying positive

Outrage and Optimism podcast

Positive climate-related newsfeed

How to beat climate anxiety

General climate change education

Project Drawdown

Intro to the concept of stabilization wedges


Climate Crisis 101 ebook

Interactive demonstration of how different levels of climate change can affect us

Making our electricity grid “smart”

A straightforward overview

Sustainable energy ebook

World energy outlook

Climate change symposia at MIT

Tipping points we may encounter

Tech-specific resources

ClimateAction.tech community

A fantastic overview of the ways people in tech can help

A journey through the climate crisis, told through a diverse set of articles

Report on ways that technology can fight climate change

A blog post about largely non-professional approaches to fighting climate change

Writing sustainable code

Y Combinator’s climate-specific page

Finding a job

A post on finding relevant companies, and an associated open database of organizations fighting climate change

Step-by-step guide for the job search process

Places to look for jobs:

Industries with most software jobs:

  • Tons of options:
    • Energy use optimization (for both businesses and consumers): smart buildings, smart motors, energy tracking tools
    • Renewable energy (mostly solar): installation design, management systems, financing/insurance
    • Food: reducing waste, robotic farming, ML for farm operations
    • Transportation: electric buses and fleet vehicles, charging infrastructure
  • Just a few options:
    • Grid/microgrid optimization
    • Reforestation
    • Technology development (these tend to be less software-focused): battery development, engineering cleaner industrial materials, direct air capture
    • Female empowerment: microloans, improving birth control availability

The backend of America

Should we use less violent language when talking about climate change?

While this article on facing extinction is immensely depressing and I don’t entirely agree with its assumptions, I like this quote about blame and anger related to climate change:

In a recent blog post, writer James Kunstler proposed a pithy theory of why humans chose each step of our path in history: “It just seemed a good idea at the time.” We plunged forward with each new way of doing things, each new invention, because it made life easier at the time. There was no intention to destroy ourselves.\ …\ As theoretical physicist Peter Russell mused in a podcast conversation with me in 2016, “What if we saw ourselves as a cosmic flame blooming in the universe and coming to its natural end?”\ What if we forgave everybody everything?